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Yoga Teacher Training Program in Fairfield County, CT

Our 200-hour Yoga Alliance® registered trainings prepare you to practice and guide Vinyasa, Open Level, Yin Flow, Yin, and Meditation practices with integrity and equity for all.

OnlineLearn On Your Own Time
1 Year, Instant Access

In Person3 Weekends
Includes Online Study + Personal Coaching

Choose to study in person (includes online materials plus personal coaching) or 100% online. This training offers a sophisticated education on philosophy, movement, anatomy, and all 8 limbs of yoga to enrich your life both on and off your mat. Includes 1 year access, downloadable paper study manual, unlimited live online classes, 1 month of unlimited in-studio classes, monthly personal check in and if you live locally, the opportunity to interview for a teaching position here at Sama.

Enroll and get instant access to all courses, study materials, and classes. Upon completion of materials and final exam, receive your Sama Academy Graduation Certificate and submit to become a RYT200 with the nationally accredited organization Yoga Alliance®. Join us to learn and receive or share what you’ve learned in your community, profession or family. We can’t wait to work with you!

Join This Teacher Training Program to Become A 200-Hour Yoga Alliance® Certified Yoga Teacher and Immerse in Your Own Well-Being. We are here for you.

What you need: A love of learning.

What you don’t need: To be able to touch your toes or balance on your hands!

What we ask of you: Observe, receive and breathe.

What you gain: A renewed sense of self, purpose, connection and action that will benefit you, your relationships and your life, forever.

What you receive: A certificate of completion and opportunity to register with the nationally recognized yoga teacher’s organization, the Yoga Alliance®.

Sama Yoga Academy offers the highest standards, registered with the Yoga Alliance®. We are here to help you nurture your practice, help you gain confidence, and empower you with the tools needed to have a more intimate relationship with your yoga practice, both in the classroom and in your life. Led by our own Angie Mandl and Rebekah Jacobs, our program invites you to create a lifelong connection to yourself, your practice, and prepares you to share traditional yoga as a Sama-trained 200-hour Yoga Alliance® Certified teacher. If you have been practicing for about a year, you are ready!


“We co-created Sama Yoga Academy + Teacher Training to offer the traditional, philosophical wisdom of yoga alongside modern, anatomical knowledge to make yoga inclusive, accessible and empowering for every body, age and ability.”

– Rebekah Jacobs E-RYT®, YACEP® & Angie Mandl, E-RYT®, YACEP®

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