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THANK YOU for voting Sama Yoga Center as BEST YOGA STUDIO for the entire Gold Coast for 2021 and 2022!

Bedford and New Canaan Magazine

Greenwich Magazine

Bedford and New Canaan Magazine

Westport Magazine

Bedford and New Canaan Magazine

Stamford Magazine

Bedford and New Canaan Magazine

New Canaan, Darien & Rowayton Magazine

Darien Lifestyle Magazine

Local Love Winner:
Best Yoga Studio 2023

Thank you, Darien Lifestyle Magazine! Local Love Award for Best Yoga Studio – we are honored! Thank YOU for voting, and for all of your support. We love you.

“Sama Yoga Center is a retreat-like Yoga Studio and Training Academy, with a meditation gar-den, floor to ceiling windows, outdoor yoga space and radiant heated floors, so that students move seamlessly from outdoor to indoor classes with a beautiful view. Sama’s commitment to connection, tradition, and mastery won them Best of the Gold Coast 2021 & 22.”

BrilliantWomen Are Changing the World

#BrilliantWomen Are Changing the World

“With International Women’s Day around the corner, Grown Brilliance is proud to introduce #BrilliantWomen, a campaign dedicated to brilliant women from all walks of life. With their fire, tenacity, and passion, these women embody what it means to live, love, and be brilliant. #BrilliantWomen features women who honor diversity, fight for equality, and shine brilliantly.”
— Grown Brilliance

Go Solo

One Breath at a Time – Sama Yoga Center

“I am a mom of two young boys and passionate about sharing that working moms can run their own businesses, take care of themselves and their families, and serve their community. After working in the industry for seven years, I took the leap to start my own business, as I saw a need in the community and knew that my skillset could make an impact. In our eight years in business, we’ve grown beyond my expectations and have a team of moms in leadership positions offering their skills, from photography to marketing and community outreach to philanthropic initiatives.”
— Rebekah Jacobs Interview for Go Solo

Bedford New Canaan Magazine

Good for the Mind & Body

“Rebekah Jacobs, who runs Sama, has been teaching yoga for 14 years. Sama is a retreat-like yoga studio and training academy, with a beautiful meditation garden, floor to ceiling windows for wonderful views while practicing, and radiant heated floors. Rebekah comments, ‘It’s my joy to welcome all here at Sama. Yoga works! For the individual – and for the community!'”
— Bedford & New Canaan Magazine

New Canaanite

Who Knew? New Canaan, New You

“Sama’s calm approach and super-friendly teaching staff instantly take the sheer awkwardness out of being a penitent, lapsed yoga practitioner like me. Founder Rebekah Jacobs has created something of a unicorn in the Fairfield County fitness world: acceptance, encouragement, and a sufficiently challenging entry point for all types of yogis to hone their practice.”
— Author/Laura Ault

Best of Gold Coast 2022

Best of Gold Coast 2022

“See the best Fairfield County has to offer in food, fashion, fitness + more as voted by the readers of Greenwich, Fairfield Living, Stamford, Westport and New Canaan-Darien magazines.”

Bedford and New Canaan Magazine

Where to Get Fit

“Walking through the door, I immediately felt the warmth and friendliness of the community. The class was rejuvenating and accessible to all levels. I attended a Friday evening class and it was the perfect way to wind down after a busy week. What I loved most about being at Sama Yoga Center was feeling the inclusivity and friendliness of the Sama community.”
— Author/Influencer Laura Young

Best Yoga Studio

Best Yoga Studios in Stamford 2022

“Sama Yoga Center is a studio and training academy serving Stamford and surrounding communities. It offers a wide range of in-studio and online yoga classes for different student ages and levels, including vinyasa, yin flow, and open level. Private events and sessions are also available for individuals and small groups, with clean cuisine included upon request. The studio also conducts teacher training programs for traditional and kids yoga. It operates a store that presents products like organic cotton yoga rugs and recycled foam yoga blocks.”

Bedford and New Canaan Magazine

Best of the Gold Coast 2021

“Thank you for voting us Best Yoga Studio, Best of the Gold Coast 2021!

The best Fairfield County has to offer as voted by the readers of Greenwich, New Canaan-Darien, Fairfield Living, Stamford and Westport Magazines. “Winner of the annual reader’s poll, we applaud this local business for making an impression and building a loyal following. A commitment to excellence is never easy, but this year was especially challenging. Congratulations to those who give their best every day!” — Moffley Media

New Canaan Hamlethub

New Canaan Yoga Studio Wins Best of the Gold Coast 2021

“Sama Yoga Center has received the prestigious Best Yoga Studio Award for the entire Gold Coast, as featured in New Canaan Darien & Rowayton Magazine, as well as Westport Magazine, Stamford Magazine, and Greenwich Magazine. Best of the Gold Coast is, according to the publisher’s website, ‘a celebration of the best Fairfield County has to offer when it comes to food & drink, style & beauty, and living & home.'”

Connecticut Yachter

Fairfield County’s Premiere Boutique Yoga Studio and Training Center

“Sama is lauded for their inclusive, substantial programming, impeccable commitment to quality, connecting community and giving back. They partner with UNWomen/UNWomenNY, among many other organizations to provide yoga education for everyone and improve the lives of those in need. Whether on retreat or your yoga mat – the experience with Sama Yoga Center is one to take with you wherever you travel to next.”

Bedford & New Canaan Magazine

Born in 2020

“More than being born in 2020, the Sama Yoga Center was reincarnated. Although Sama has been located at 45 Grove Street since 2015, Covid-related health requirements and increased demand were the catalyst for Sama’s substantial physical expansion and program adaptations in 2020.”

Optimal Health Uncovered

Podcast: Yoga for every body!

“This week’s episode, Todd and Mike are joined by Sama Yoga founder Rebekah Jacobs and fellow instructor Angie Mandl who discuss Sama Yoga, how they got here in New Canaan, their practice, what principles they teach, how to train to become a yoga teacher, and much more. Angie and Rebekah are decorated instructors and well-known in the yoga industry for being some of the most progressive and forward-thinking instructors in the country.”

Back to School

Yoga is for Every Body

“‘The way yoga empowers kids who come to Sama Yoga Center’s classes—where children’s yoga classes are currently held on an outdoor yoga deck—has a ripple effect from studio to home,’ says Amanda Hilton, a yoga teacher at the center in New Canaan.

Yoga practice has ‘no boundaries’ at Sama, whose very tagline is ‘Yoga for every body, age and ability.'”


Why Small Businesses Matter in New Canaan (Reimagined): Sama Yoga Center

“We’d love for the community to show up for us as we do for you – come and join our classes, spread the word that we are here for you and open, trust that we do everything that’s asked of us, and more to keep us all safe.

“We are a local business, owned and operated by neighbors – we care about you and are deeply invested in the wellbeing of our community.”

The Locals Moms Network

Small Business Spotlight: Sama Yoga Center

“We consider first how we can support you, our community! Your health and well-being are at the forefront of our mission. How can you support us? Show up and spread the word that we are here, open and prepared so that we can reconnect and serve. Follow us on Instagram, Facebook—we offer free short practices. We love seeing what you like, what speaks to you and we offer tips to help navigate through challenging times with grace, humility and humor!”


Big Changes for Sama Yoga’s Rebekah Jacobs

“After eight years as the director of the yoga program at Bedford Post, and now three years doing two full-time jobs, and raising a young family, it was time to prioritize,” Rebekah said with a laugh. “I want to focus my time on my own studio. I’m so proud of the work we are doing at Sama, it truly is a space for every body. I believe yoga should be accessible to all, every body, age and ability, and that’s what we are doing at Sama.”

New Canaanite

Sama Yoga Celebrates One-Year Anniversary

“‘We are so grateful to New Canaan and the surrounding community for their support this first year,’ says Rebekah Jacobs, Sama’s director and owner. ‘Starting a new business is challenging and the community has really embraced us. We are so thrilled to be celebrating this first milestone with everyone!'”


This Sweet Summer Tee Benefits UN Women

“Our love for Millennial pink shows no signs of waning. Case in point: this t-shirt created by one of the fashion industry’s favorite young artists, Marco Santini. Not only is the shade universally flattering, but thanks to 525 America’s donation of the tees, 100 percent of the proceeds benefit UN Women. Known for his graffiti-esque work, Santini’s design (modeled by Alima Fofana) features the word “equality” in 50 languages, which form the shape of a heart.”


Sama Yoga Center Vimeo

“We are an inclusive, traditional, accessible yoga studio and an accredited training academy offering online streaming and subscription classes, workshops and continuing education for all.

“Our philosophy: you are unique, and your yoga practice should be, too.”

Visit Connecticut

Yoga Worth Travelling For

“When visitors think of traveling to Connecticut, the first thing that comes to mind most likely isn’t yoga. However, there are a lot of unique and unexpected yoga practices that are offered throughout the state that may just change your thinking. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert yogi, you’ll find an experience for everyone to enjoy.”

The Chamber New Canaan

Five Year Anniversary Party at Sama Yoga

“We’re Five! Join us as we celebate five years of Sama Yoga! 1:00 Yoga Class and 2:00 Gathering and Yoga Clothing Swap – bring your gently used yoga clothes to swap! Refreshments from Bubble & Brew teas.”


Sama Yoga Wins Award, Offers Teacher Training Program

“New Canaan’s Sama Yoga was recently awarded a MINDBODY Visionary Award, given for business excellence in the wellness industry. The MINDBODY Visionary Award is given to businesses who have an average monthly revenue in the top 30% of all MINDBODY customers between January and June 2018. MIND BODY is the leading technology platform for the fitness, beauty and wellness industries.”

The Local Moms Network

Sama Yoga’s Rebekah Jacobs Leaves Bedford Post Job

“‘I’m thrilled to be spending more time at Sama now,’ says Rebekah, ‘I can finally take a breath myself! The studio is kind of like my baby, and in fact it was named for my firstborn Sam – it has a very special place in my heart.'”

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