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Bodyweight Training

Curated personal bodyweight training in a private retreat-like atmosphere.

Become The Fittest YOU.

Why body weight training? Because everything you need you already have within you.

Who is this new offering for? For anyone who believes that a strong body and strong mind go hand in hand.

What is the commitment? Choose 3, 5 or 10 sessions to jumpstart your fitness routine and mindfully meet your goals.

It’s about you. It’s about time.

New to Bodyweight Training?

I’m so happy you’re here. You’ve landed. Let’s begin!

First/Intro Session


Starter Package
Includes Personalized Home Workout Video and Routine – Tailored for You
3 Sessions


That’s $150 per session

Includes Personalized Home Workout Video and Routine and a Juice Cleanse
5 Sessions


That’s $140 per session

10 Sessions


That’s $125 per session

What Julie says about this program:


The guru to guide you right back to YOU.

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