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Concierge Bodyweight Training Program

Curated personal bodyweight training in a private retreat-like atmosphere.

Become The Fittest YOU.

Why body weight training? Because everything you need you already have within you.

Who is this new offering for? For anyone who believes that a strong body and strong mind go hand in hand.

What is the commitment? Commit for our four week transformational program or kick-start your new routine with our compact program option.

It’s about you. It’s about time.

New to Bodyweight Training?

I’m so happy you’re here. You’ve landed. Let’s begin!

First/Intro Session


Starter Package
Includes Personalized Home Workout Video and Routine – Tailored for You
3 Sessions


That’s $150 per session

Includes Personalized Home Workout Video and Routine and a Juice Cleanse
5 Sessions


That’s $140 per session

10 Sessions


That’s $125 per session

What Julie says about this program:


The guru to guide you right back to YOU.

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