Connection. Tradition. Mastery. TM

Community Engagement

Connection. Tradition. Mastery. TM

Sama means same, equal, equanimity in Sanskrit.
We believe that every human is worthy of love, compassion and connection.
We recognize the threads and fabric of society inherently weave us together.
We strive to bolster connections in our community.
We create opportunities for all to receive the benefits of Sama’s offerings.
“With personal peace comes world peace.”

“Sama has been an amazing recovery resource for our entire Lighthouse community. The Sama studio is the definition of serene and the expert staff are welcoming and helpful no matter what our clients’ experience level is. Its no wonder they win all the awards.”

— Trey Laird, Founder & CEO The Lighthouse

For Community Engagement and Sponsorship Opportunities please email or send us a message here. We are happy to connect with you.