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"One of my favorite parts was when you asked us to let go of judgement . . . I kept that with me throughout the day and into today." — Kristen B.

"Your studio is a sanctuary, and I look forward to being back there very soon." — Aubrey G.

"I am not that good, but going to Sama I never felt out of place . . . I was clearly new and the instructor was so helpful and discrete in the way she helped." — Michele N.

"Sama Yoga Center is great. They have heated floors, knowledgable teachers and a relaxing space. I'm so happy there." — Shelby R.

"Class was fantastic, facility is really nice with a view. Challenging class with lots of encouragement." — Ellen R.

"Beautiful facility, great yoga class." — Amy V.

"Tough but good." — Mary D.

"Wonderful instructors, beautiful studio. Love to come and always leave feeling peaceful and rejuvenated." — Deann G.

"Beautiful facility. Great instructors!" — Lee R.

"Supportive, luscious, and introspective. Just the best. Your classes are a safe space for me." — Alexa P.

"I am so happy I found your lovely yoga studio upon moving here. I look forward to each visit." — Lindsay T.

"Every Tuesday, I just love going to yoga. It’s such a great part of my week!" — Elizabeth B.

"I have been gaining much insight from your classes, and appreciate that you are sharing your knowledge and gifts with me and my family." — Chris C.

"I’ve been trying to find the right words to express how I felt about Sunday’s private yoga session with our family. We all enjoyed and benefited, thanks to your intuitive guidance. Our pre-teen son truly enjoyed and told me that it made him feel great, even hours afterward. He said he would like to join us whenever we practice!" — Danielle W.

"You’ve created such a beautiful and serene space to bring yoga and meditation to our community. Not to mention a connected and supportive community within for both the teacher and student." — Christina D.

"Being here is my sanctuary. Brings me joy and peace. So happy I found you!" — Sarah S.

"You make me feel supported and loved. Sama helps me slow down and savor what is. Sama helps me appreciate all that I have in my life. Sama helps me understand the impermanence of life. Sama helped me believe in myself enough to go on this adventure! I love you!" — Meg K.

"You all are so welcoming and individually bring something so special to your roles that it gives Sama a gorgeous feeling that the other studios don’t have. I think it's very unique - well done!" — Jennifer H.

"I felt very accomplished on Saturday that I have expanded my range of motion on my right knee. I have taken to heart something you said about accepting and celebrating our physical limitations and "stuck" points. I have tried to embrace, and not resent, my body’s intention to protect itself, and in doing so, I eased past that prior block." — David R.

"I love Jill’s class – the flow and the challenge." — Caroline T.

"Many thanks for creating such a vibrant yoga community." — Christine C.

"Thank you. Benjamine was wonderful – really channeled our teacher, had a very reassuring, fun and guiding presence." — Jon G.

"Best rest I’ve had that I can remember. I also love the quote today and will carry it with me." — Niki S.

"Winter Solstice workshop was incredible. Thank you for Sama – it’s a very special haven." — Jacqui L.

"The studio has been a refuge and an oasis during a transitional time, and I'm forever grateful. You're building a beautiful community." — Karen V.

"After being at Sama, it's really hard to go back to other places..." — Elizabeth L.

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